Past Titles

This Rope of Bells
Bob Arnold
Two Fisted Banana
Electric Banana

Mary Beach
Looking For Minerals
John Brandi
Blowing Mouth/ The Jazz Poems 1958-1970
Ray Bremser
Raging Joys, Sublime Violations
Chandler Brossard
Tornado Alley
Cobblestone Gardens

William Burroughs
Nations and Peoples: A Poem
Judson Crews
Blood in the Hourglass
Victor Dove
Om Krishna I
Om Krishna II

Charles Henri Ford
Guernica Cycle
Hugh Fox
Poems All Over the Place
Allen Ginsberg
Rusty Jack
James Grauerholz
Vibes of the Saints
Paul Grillo
The Evening Sun Turned Crimson
Herbert Huncke
Drowning From the Inside Out
Seaborn Jones

Kiss The Skin Off
Lyn Lifshin 

Flash Card
Joyce Mansour
On The Inside
Clive Matson
Cometh With The Clouds Memory: Allen Ginsberg
Dick McBride
Luminous Animal
Neon Papers

Tony Moffeit
John Moulder
The Blue and The Gray
West 29th Street

Josh Norton
No Travels Journal
Maureen Owen
Coca Neon/Polaroid Rainbow
Whistling Down The Wire

Claude Pelieu
Ludwig of Bavaria
The Peters Black and Blue Guide
The Second Peters Black and Blue Guide

Robert Peters
Kansas Collateral
Roxie Powell
The Tale of the Amazing Tramp
Dan Propper
Dan Raphael
Under the Weight of the Sky
Kirk Robertson
In the Basket of the Blind
Myra Sklarew
Making Waves
Short Changes For Loretta

Paul Trachtenberg
Journal of A Hermit
Janine Pommy Vega


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